Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Family :)

Oh, hello there. Forgot about this little bloggy did you? So did I. Oops. ;) Howeva, I wanted to share some of the photos we were able to have taken by the incredibly talented and wonderful Tif Hafen of Tif Photography. I love her and she takes the most beautiful pictures in the whole world. 

I love my little family and she captured so many fun moments that looking at them just makes me giddy inside. :) Looking at these pictures also makes me think of a quote I heard a while back in a Sunday School lesson I was a part of before Todd and I were even engaged. The quote is given by President Brigham Young; he explains that our families are not yet ours. The Lord has committed them to us to see how we will treat them. Only if we are faithful will they be given to us forever. What we do on earth determines whether or not we will be worthy to become heavenly parents- an eternal family. Just as one of my favorite primary songs states, "Families can be together forever." Not will, but can. It's after all we can do. 

How wonderful to know that Heavenly Father has given us this opportunity!! He loves us so much. So, so much. Always remember, you can never be too kind, especially to those whom we say we love the very very most, our family. <3


Story of my life... Ellie: "Mom, get out of here. This is daddy and me time."  ;) 


Dat Toddy though <3



Saturday, June 28, 2014

I had a really, really bad day.

Normally, my only state of being is happy. Variations of happy, but happy none the less.  And thats about it. Not because I don't feel other emotions, but because, life is just really happy. I choose my happiness and thats how I like to be. Happy.

So when I have a day like I did on Thursday, June 26 2014, it throws me. Like...literally throws me out the window.

Specifics don't really matter, just know that for a person like me, a "bad day" is a really, really bad day. I'm not writing about this day to remember the events of it (because quite frankly, I would like to forget said events as soon as my brain will let me).

I'm writing to remember the outcome;  What I learned, what I realized on this day.

I am so blessed.

What I do want to remember in exact detail are the blessings and tender mercies that were afforded me. Like:
-My amazing brothers who dropped what they were doing at a moments notice (and a very teary phone call) to come be with me. 
-My incredible sisters who comforted me in the way that only my incredible sisters can. 
-My angel mother who rearranged her entire schedule to support me. 
-My loving father who was at home, not knowing why, but just was.  
-My sweet mother in law who knew exactly what I needed to hear. 
-A selfless friend who came to be with me, (and give me healing oils) ;) so I didn't have to be alone. 
-A beyond perfect timing phone call from another beyond perfect friend who "had a feeling I was trying to reach her, but her phone was being funny, so she just called to make sure I was ok." (THIS ONE THOUGH, like really? Blessings.)
-A wonderful, patient, brave, strong and true husband who is mine, for eternity. Who loves me for who I am, despite my literal crazy. Who at the end of the day, is really the only person on earth who could "make it better."

And finally, 
-My Savior. Who took my sadness and helped me get my happiness back. My Father in Heaven for listening to my tear-filled plea and sent me the comfort I so desperately needed. HE IS THERE. HE IS REAL. He LISTENS. He LOVES me. All through out the day, He showed me how much he loved me by the people above and others, who may not have known it, but were acting as angels for me, doing His work in comforting His child. 

I'm recording this on my blog in hopes that someone will read it who is also having a bad day. The kind of bad day I had. Someone, like me, in need of some hope. Look around and see the blessings God is providing for you because I PROMISE, they are there. He will not, ever, leave you to burden ANY kind of trial alone. 

A family member has this quote hung up at her house, that I absolutely love. "A sundial only marks the hours that shine."

I am a sundial. I only mark the hours that shine. Even though this day, this awful day was just that,  awful...it is one that will shine bright in my memory forever and ever. 

"I have spoken here of heavenly help, of angels dispatched to bless us in time of need. But when we speak of those who are instruments in the hand of God, we are reminded that not all angels are from the other side of the veil. Some of them we walk with and talk with—here, now, every day. Some of them reside in our own neighborhoods. Some of them gave birth to us, and in my case, one of them consented to marry me. Indeed heaven never seems closer than when we see the love of God manifested in the kindness and devotion of people so good and so pure that angelicis the only word that comes to mind."

Friday, March 21, 2014


Ok guys, could there be a cooler thing to make a day?! Because I mean, technically everyday is a holiday, right? (The internet told me that today, March 21 is National French Bread Day.. So that's cool.) BUT. We're talking INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS DAY, here. How insanely cool is that holiday? I vote we make all 365 days of the year International Happiness Day(s)! Who's with me?! ;)

The past few days I haven't been feeling in tip-top shape, but I refuuuused to be sickly on International Happiness Day! So I got up, showered, (amazing what just getting ready for the day does in how you feel!) and Ellie and I set out for some adventures. :)

We did the following:

- Drove all around Provo until we found the "perfect" park to play at.
- Played at said park.
- Came home for nap-time. ;)
- Drove to 3 different stores until we found *FROZEN*.
- (At the second store on our Frozen quest we had to get a motivational treat to keep searching,  so we shared a chocolate sprinkle star donut.. I think that was Ellie's favorite part of the day.)
- Drove to visit Daddy and work and drop him off some lunch. <3
- Came home ate pizza for dinner and had a *FROZEN* party!

So, I'd say that this year's International Happiness Day was indeed... HAPPY.  Life is good guys. <3

Oh, and I worked on this bad boy while Ellie was napping.... ;)

If you want to participate in this video see *this* post for directions on how to send me a video!! :D 
(P.S. I uploaded it in a low-quality format so it can be viewed on mobile devices.. the real cut will look much better.)

Be happy everyone! There is ALWAYS something to be happy about! :)